What’s The Problem With Illegal Hotels?

Illegal hotels exacerbate New York City’s affordable housing crisis and are bad for tenants.

Far from being a harmless service where residents can share their homes with tourists, short-term rental companies like Airbnb enable commercial operators to break the law by taking away residential housing units and using them for commercial tourist rentals – removing housing options from permanent residents in the process.

In addition to depleting our already limited supply of affordable housing, which drives up rent in our communities illegal hotels can also create serious quality-of-life problems and safety concerns for neighbors. Strangers coming into your building at all times of the day and night, over-crowding, and more wear & tear on public space are just some of the problems caused by illegal hotels.  But it can get far worse including fire safety issues, burglary, and assaults by strangers who might never have had access to get inside, were it not for illegal hotel activity.