What Are Illegal Hotels


When permanent residential apartments in buildings with three units or more are rented out for less than 30 days to transient visitors instead of residents, that’s illegal hotel activity. Illegal hotel operations can range from one unit, to a few units here and there, to large-scale operations, with dozens or even hundreds of units converted

Are you or Your Neighbor Breaking

The Law?

In June 2016, the NYS Legislature passed new legislation — A.8704-C/S.6340-A — to strengthen existing prohibitions in the Multiple Dwelling Law against illegal short-term rentals that are significantly contributing to New York City’s affordable housing crisis, and driving up rents in communities across the city. If you violate it, you could face fines upwards of $7,500 and eviction.

Map of Likely Listings in New York City

Know Your Neighborhood

  • If you think there is an illegal short-term rental in your building –  file a complaint.



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